We've seen some space propaganda, anti-alcohol posters, and even anti-Communist political propaganda. And now, we present the very best, in high resolution, ready for your desktop. The revolution marches on, comrades!

Freedom, American Style

Pictured above.

Top-left: "Freedom of Press" (with the words lies and slander on the ducks)

Top-right: Freedom of Identity

Bottom-left: Freedom of Opinions

Bottom-right: Freedom of Gatherings and Meetings

On the skyscraper: Wall Street

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Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live forever!

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The People of World Are Waiting (for disarmament and peace), by V. Govorkov, 1962

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Hitler's way has only one possible course and one possible ending, by V. Briskin, 1952

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Night won't prevent us from working, by B. Reshetnikov and A. Dobrov, 1956

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Mow on time and Each strike of a hammer is a strike against the enemy by Viktor Deni, 1920

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Don't drink, Dad!, by D. Bulanov, 1929

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Death to World Capitalism! Against the White Terror, Fascism and the threat of War, 1932

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Ploughing time doesn't stop at night!, by V. Govorkov, 1947

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Us and Them, by V. Suryaninov, 1961

Us: One hundred million people – almost half of the population of USSR – will move to new homes in the next seven years.

Them: There are more than four million unemployed and millions living in slums in the USA

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Murderers must answer for their crimes, by V. Arseenkov, 1986

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Work hard to fight cold and hunger, by Vladimir Mayakovsky

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Our work in the fields cannot wait!, by V. Govorkov, 1954

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That's what could you have bought the kids for the cost of that liter of vodka?, 1930

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Fascism – Enemy of Nations, a TASS poster with a poem, written by Demian Bednii, translated by Julia Alekseyeva

Unfortunate country under the deadly heat.
Getting the corpses ready for future graves,
Laughing brazenly before death, twisting his rotten, evil grin,
The Fascist decay of worn-down teeth.

Еverything desecrated! In dirt is freedom and culture,
Into oppressive slavery is labor bound.
Onto all of Germany a figure is spread
Ominously dark, the Fascist evil octopus.

The octopus pulls its furry paws
To the north and south, east and west.
In Spain, the Fascist satraps are stunned,
The persistent germ of the People's Front.

The Fascist messengers dart all over the Balkans,
Disturb the Polish,
Connive Japanese plans,
While bringing verbal gifts to various countries
Who want to emblazon a swastika in their coat of arms

The fascist octopus, opening up the hope of its mileposts,
Began to furiously trumpet a march into our Union.
So what? Let him thrust his four paws at us,
We'll be able to chop them off!

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Saved Money – Bought Car!

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The train from Socialism to communism – and Comrade Stalin drives!

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Long Live Stalin's Air Force!

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American Policy by Victor Koretskii, 1970

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Peace to the World!, by V. Briskin, 1952

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Death to fascism, by T.I. Pevzner, T. Shishmareva and V.A. Vlasov, 1941

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The Triple Entente (Russia, France and Britain) under the mask of Peace, 1920

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Same year, different weather: The American industry shrunk 22 percent, but the Soviet industry grew with 20%, late 1940s

Motherland! You've been the first to light a star of progress and peace over the Earth. Glory to science, glory to labor! Glory to the Soviet regime!

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American Humanitary Aid

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Building Socialism

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What a shame! He got drunk, swore, smashed a tree and now he's ashamed to look people in the face, by N. Velezhneva and N. Kuzovkin, 1958

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Death to World Capitalism!, by V. Deni, 1931

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A "Statesman" of Contemporary Germany, by Nikolai Denisovskii, 1944

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Soviet Means Excellent!

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Report: Mission accomplished! (with "Luna 9")

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You, behave!, by B. Voeopkoa, mid-1940s

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