Who doesn't love a good bargain? Getting a good deal always feels great, and there are some things you can almost always get at a discount. Here are 10 things you can avoid ever paying full price for.

Of course, with the right timing, coupons, and haggling skills, you can pretty much go through life never paying full price for anything—and that's awesome. But there are some things that are so easy to get cheaply that it's silly to pay full price. This is a list of those things.

10. Furniture

New furniture is almost always more expensive than it needs to be. You can easily get cheaper furniture without sacrificing quality—it's all about knowing where to look. Places like Craigslist, thrift stores, and consignment shops are great bets, but if you want something a little fresher, you can still save money by waiting until furniture goes on sale—most often in January and July. If it's office furniture you're looking for, you'll probably have even better luck searching Craigslist for lightly used items, but you can also find sales in-store in May and August. Photo by Frank Jania.

9. Clothing

Whether you need a new wardrobe for your job or you're just trying to dress a little better, we all need new clothes from time to time. But if you're willing to wait a bit and monitor the stuff you want, you can almost always get it for much cheaper. At almost any store, clothing will go on sale at the end of a given season—sometimes as much as 60 or 70% off. Find what you like and monitor it until you get closer to the end of the season—just make sure they still have your size in stock (outlet malls are great for this, too). Of course, you can also shop for used clothes, which is particularly handy for kids' clothing. Kids grow so fast that they only end up wearing things a few times before they grow out of them, so it's a good idea to shop thrift or consignment stores. Photo by Gabriela Pinto.

8. Appliances

Appliances follow many of the same rules as the other items on this list. Buy them at the right time, when new models come out and the old models get discounted. Haggle if you can, and skip the extended warranty (or see if you can get one for free). Wise Bread also has a bunch of other tips for saving, like watching out for scratch-and-dent discounts. Often, you can get a huge discount if something has a cosmetic flaw, even if you wouldn't be able to see that flaw once you installed it in your home. Plus, lots of stores price match, so do your research before heading out and you should be able to get a pretty good deal. Photo by KOMUnews.

7. Books and Magazines

Books and magazines aren't particularly expensive items, but they're things you can almost always get cheaper than you find them new on the shelves. Used books are a great buy because books can withstand a lot, and you can buy almost any book used on Amazon. Alternatively, you can go digital and find ebooks for free or cheap too. If you read any magazines, it's often significantly cheaper to subscribe, even if you only read two or three issues a year! And no matter what you're reading—books or magazines—you can often find them for free or cheap from your local library (among many, many other things). Photo by Johanna Billingskog.

6. Video Games

Unless you're getting a game on launch day because you absolutely have to play it right now—a feeling we're very familiar with—there's no reason to get a video game at full price. You can often find used console games at nice discounts. Certain places like Amazon have sales every once in awhile too. PC games are even easier—if you've ever shopped during the Steam Summer Sale, you've probably stopped paying full price entirely, because you can load up on games once or twice a year for pennies on the dollar and play those games for the next few months. Just remember there are other places to get deals besides Steam, too. Of course, you can also save money by just playing five year old games, too. Photo by Matt.